BAYVIEW TOWER at 80 Bay Street Landing
In the past, board members would get burned out because they sat on numerous committees in addition to serving on the board. Residents also complained that they were not included enough in the decision making process. So to remedy this situation, we are going to list all of the current committees that exist and ask for volunteers to join and help involve themselves more. Please send an email to and list what committees that you would be interested in joing.

TECHNOLOGY - explore all ways to use technology to the betterment of the community. This includes Internet Plans (FIOS, Cable, etc); website design and updating; time travel (just seeing who was paying attention), etc.

FINANCE - focuses on the annual budget, any assessments that are required and any special projects involving the finances of the building.

FACILITIES - keeps the building running smoothly. They work closely with Chris the Super and management in areas ranging from trash to heat to AC.

SECURITY & PARKING - deals with security issues, coordinates with our Security, P.D and outside agencies, oversees parking lot and enforcement of parking rules and regulations.

QUALITY OF LIFE - checks incident reports and relays the information to the board, presently via email. Depending on the subject matter, these can be translated into agenda items (e.g. building leaks, consistent noise nuisance, etc.)

COMMUNITY AFFAIRS - interface with city agencies and local politicians concerning items that impact our community (e.g. promenade work, police presence on esplanade, etc.)

SOCIAL - these are the party people. Whether it is the Holiday Party, Summer BBQ, or any other excuse to get together, they plan and make sure that everyone has a great time. 

INTERIOR RENOVATION - research products and materials in order to create an overall concept for the interior renovation of the building.